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Ashutosh Yadav

Ashutosh Yadav is a 16 years old Indian entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a business consultant.
He is one of the world's youngest entrepreneurs and known as the founder of AY Group .
Some words  by Ashutosh Yadav : - " There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience. "

He is a Indian teenager who is teaching up people about entrepreneurship and teaching how to do businesses from scratch although he is such a good person he used to motivate everyone to grow up and become successeful peroson , he is doing his work at such a low scale so thats why no one knows about him he is just of 16 but still doing such a great work , for sure at this age he knows much about entrepreneurship and business. AY Group is basically his concept and a such a huge project as he used to say.

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